Are There Free Fundraising Websites? Yes there are!

Are There Free Fundraising Websites For Nonprofits?

Are there any free nonprofit fundraising websites out there? Sounds too good to be true. Well, not necessarily! There are free nonprofit fundraising platforms designed specifically for individual and group efforts to raise money. These free options make it possible to create a fundraising campaign quickly and easily. Best of all, they’re free (kind of). And when you are trying to get the word out about your cause, a free fundraising website can come in very handy.

Are There Free Fundraising Websites?

There are so many fundraising websites for nonprofits, but they all seem to charge hefty fees. If you’re a small nonprofit that wants to connect with other people who care about your cause, free fundraising websites are the way to go.

Free fundraising websites for nonprofits, you say? Could this be true? The answer is yeah, kind of. Several nonprofit fundraising platforms offer a "Free" plan that includes a free fundraising website. But, be careful. It may turn out to be to good to be true afterall.

Fundraising website fees

Nonprofit fundraising platforms are businesses and businesses have to make money somehow. But it doesn't have to be from you! Before you can decide the best option for your nonprofit organization, you must understand how online fundraising sites make money.

Subscription fee

A reccuring monthly or annual cost that a platform charges you to use their services. These costs can vary depending on what features you need and how many constituents your organization has.

Platform Fee

The percentage the platform keeps from each donation as a form of payment. For every donation made to your organization, a percentage is automatically taken by the fundraising platform.

Donor Fee

An alternative to a platform fee where the donor is charged the percentage instead of the fundraiser. When a donor is paying, they will be asked for a 'tip' by the fundraising platform.

Processor Fee

What the credit card processor charges per donation to handle the transaction. If your donor pays with a credit card this is unavoidable. This fee goes directly to the credit card company.

What free fundraising websites actually cost

We've compiled the leading fundraising platforms that offer fundraising websites as part of their "Free" plan. Here is a comparison of how much the "Free" plan actually will cost you after the fees are added.

PlatformSubscription FeePlatform FeeDonor FeeProcessor FeeTotal
Givvn$00%0%2.2% + $.30 per gift2.2% + $.30 per gift
Fundly$04.9%0%2.9% + $.30 per gift7.8% + $.30 per gift
DonateKindly$00%4.9%2.9% + $.30 per gift7.8% + $.30 per gift
Givebutter$00%10%2.9% + $.30 per gift12.9% + $.30 per gift
GoFundMe$05%15%2.9% + $.30 per gift17.9% + $.30 per gift
Kickstarter$05%0%3% + $.20 per gift8% + $.20 per gift
Indiegogo$05%0%3% + $.30 per gift8% + $.30 per gift
Givvn2.2% + $.30 per gift
Fundly7.8% + $.30 per gift
DonateKindly7.8% + $.30 per gift
Givebutter12.9% + $.30 per gift
GoFundMe17.9% + $.30 per gift
Kickstarter8% + $.20 per gift
Indiegogo8% + $.30 per gift

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